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Why don’t I believe in God?

I guess the most common question I hear from believers on the Internet is: “Why don’t you believe in God!?”

“Well,” I ask back, “Why don’t you believe in Zeus, Thor or Green People on Venus?”  Same reason. There’s no evidence.

And before you say “What do you mean? You’re evidence of God”.. I’ll have to point out the logical fallacy that you’re using: The Presupposition Fallacy. Also you’re also begging the question.  That is you’re assuming what you’re trying to prove IN the question you’re asking!

Also, if you’ve been told all your life, and have come to believe, that your god created the universe and everything in it, then sure, what ever you see around you is evidence that your god exists.  But it’s circular reasoning.  God creates everything, so everything is evidence of god.  There is nothing outside of your beliefs themselves that support them.

You pre-suppose the existence of a God, and assign Him the power to create me, then say “How can you say there is no God, you’re standing right there!”… Then I would say “See that car there? I made that car from toothpicks.. How can you doubt it.. There it is!” I have presupposed my ability to make cars out of toothpicks before I made the argument.

Also, there is actually reason to believe that a Christian God of your description (All Loving, All Knowing, All powerful) doesn’t exist in this universe. If He did, why would He allow innocent children to get cancer? Why would He send hurricanes and earthquakes kill so many people? Why would He allow people to fly planes into our skyscrapers and kill thousands of His “children”? And on and on and on.

The All Knowing, All powerful, All loving God of your description is logically impossible.

Quoting the Riddle of Epicuris:

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

If he allows children to get cancer, and allows tsunamis and hurricanes to kill thousands. If he allows bad men to rape women. If he even allows evil to exist in the world, then:
1) he can’t be all loving
or 2) he can’t know about it
or 3) he’s not powerful enough to stop it.
You can have 2 out of three, but not all three

When looking at the world through the eyes of a rationalist/atheist, the world makes perfect sense. Some people, good and bad, will die in natural disasters. Little children will get cancer as a certain percentage of the population. There’s no malice, and no “mysterious plan”.

Also, if you will re-read your bible (you’re planning to anyway, right?) with critical mind, you’ll notice that the God of the Bible actually is:  extremely violent and cruel, jealous, murderous, impetuous, peevish, possessive, threatening, irrational, misogynistic, and irresponsible

Richard Dawkins calls God “the most unpleasant character in all of fiction”.

And ALL of these are human traits! And every Christian apologist that I’ve ever heard, constantly says that “God is so far above humans, that we could never understand his motives.”.. Well, reading the bible, you’re supposed to understand his motives! That’s where the supposed lessons come from!

  • Not only that, but in the Bible, God directly ordered 2,017,956 People Killed.
  • Not counting 65 entire cities whose population is not given.
  • Not counting those that died from the His numerous Plagues.
  • And not counting the entire population of the worldin the Flood.

Heck, the only people Satan killed was Job’s kids, and that was only after God told him he could!

And he’s constantly surprised by the actions of Humans. How can he be all knowing, be surprised by anything we do, and get angry with us (a human emotion) when we’re simply “Part of the Plan” that he laid down in the first place?!

Also, God supposedly gives us a “choice” to believe, but then doesn’t supply any good evidence for believing (AND a lot of evidence to support the contrary; Evolution, DNA, Fossils, Logic, Reason, etc). The only evidence the Christian claims is the Bible, but why are there hundreds of Holy Books, all claiming to be the word of God? All he’d have to do is show himself, unambiguously, to the entire world! According to the Bible he USED to show himself, and his miracles, all the time! Why not now?

You will then say “Oh, that’s why you have to have faith”. All the earth’s religions require faith.. are they all correct? If there is only one God, why are there over 10,000 religions in the world. Does he want all the believers of other religions to go to Hell?

About the Devil.. Well, is God all-powerful and all-knowing or not? How can ANYTHING or ANYBODY stand in the way of what God wants? And isn’t God supposed to love us more than any parent ever loved their child? WHY would he allow Satan to use his awesome, magical powers to fool us into disbelieving in Him? What chance does a mere mortal have against that? Is God just playing mind-games with us; with our eternal souls at stake?

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One last thing… Why do you believe that the Bible is the actual word of God? I mean, at least think of the question. If you say “’cause it says so in the Bible”, then that’s circular logic, and that EVERY book would be considered true on those grounds

What this boils down to is that God was really created by men, and the bible authored by men, not the other way around. Also, do the actions of your God make sense to you? Or does he really seem to act like a spoiled 8 year old?