Atheist Songs
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Atheist Songs from the DigitalFreethought Radio Hour
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Balthrop, Alabama - God Loves My Country5:024.7 M
shelley segal - afterlife3:306.5 M
Monty Python - Always look on the bright side of life3:193.1 M
ani difranco - what if no ones watching3:133.0 M
Shelley Segal - apocalyptic love song (for hitchens)2:585.6 M
chumbawamba - we dont go to gods house anymore5:515.5 M
Roy Zimmerman - creation science 1014:254.1 M
dan sartain - atheist funeral2:352.5 M
darwins acid - baba brinkman6:052.4 M
Etta James - gods song3:373.4 M
Shelley Segal - eve2:475.5 M
first aid kit - hard believer3:547.3 M
Monty Python - galaxy song2:432.5 M
Get down on your knees dear father.divx.mp34:424.4 M
Anthony David - god said4:013.8 M
Shelley Segal - Gratitude3:206.2 M
Hard Believer.mp33:537.3 M
Heywood Banks - Big Butter Jesus3:153.0 M
Shelley Segal - House with no walls3:075.8 M
I aint afraid4:408.7 M
Shelley Segal - I dont believe in fairies4:248.2 M
Imagine - John Lennon3:143.0 M
It aint necessarily so - Aretha Franklin 3:012.8 M
Susan Hofer and Dan Barker - Its only natural3:583.8 M
Kent Hovind is a fucktard3:083.0 M
Let the mystery be - Iris Dement.mp32:482.6 M
Origin of species - chris smither3:132.0 M
Quiet Company - Set your monster free4:194.0 M
Richard Dawkins - memes vs genes song4:063.8 M
Roy Bailey - everything possible3:092.9 M
Saved (acoustic) - Shelley Segal3:557.3 M
Saved - Shelley Segal4:067.7 M
Stronger Than Jesus - A. Camp3:213.1 M
Sunday in Reality - Cynthia Carle (non-believer)3:226.3 M
Symphony of Science - A Glorious Dawn - Carl Sagan - Stephen Hawking3:343.3 M
Symphony of Science - A wave of reason3:503.6 M
Symphony of Science - Evolution3:203.1 M
Symphony of Science - Our place in the cosmos4:204.0 M
Symphony of Science - Secret of the stars3:373.4 M
Symphony of Science - The big beginning3:002.8 M
Symphony of Science - The poetry of reality (an anthem for science)3:062.9 M
Symphony of Science - The quantum world!3:283.2 M
Symphony of Science - The unbroken thread4:003.7 M
Symphony of Science - The world of the dinosaurs3:072.9 M
Symphony of Science - Time3:383.4 M
Symphony of Science - Saves of light3:563.7 M
Symphony of Science - Se are all connected (Sagan, Feynman,)4:113.9 M
Ted Haggard is completely heterosexual - Roy Zimmerman3:363.3 M
The Atheist Christmas Carol - Vienna Teng (w_lyrics)4:244.1 M
The Super Theory of Super Everything - Gogol Bordello2:592.8 M
The wedding of church and state by Roy Zimmerman with Sandy Riccardi2:555.5 M
Theme from film version of Letting Go of God- Jill Sobule3:563.7 M
There is an end - The Greenhornes3:062.9 M
What if no ones watching3:133.0 M
Why dont bees go to heaven - Save the Enlightenment3:17 3.0 M
The skeptic in the room - Eddie Scott7:587.4 M
Utah Phillips - The Preacher and the Slave4:12Link to Video
The God Delusion Song - Gods A Myth Silly!5:59Link to Video
Credulous Minds - God is the terrorist!5:51Link to Video
Controlled (with lyrics) Tombstone Da Deadman/Rational Warrior2:38Link to Video
Dismiss Superstition - Young Inc3:59Link to Video
NOFX - Best God In Show3:274.9 M
Portugal The Man - Modern Jesus3:134.5 M
Quiet Company - The Black Sheep and The Shepherd5:36Link to Video
Quiet Company - The Easy Confidence4:49Link to Video
Quiet Company - Midnight at the Lazarus Pit 5:23Link to Video
Quiet Company - Never Tell Me The Odds3:02Link to Video
Quiet Company - Perspective1.56Link to Video
Quiet Company - Everything Louder Than Everything Else7.29Link to Video
Taylor Ferrera - I wanna go to hell!2:43Link to Video
Jacob Cunningham - Questions 4:50Link to Video

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