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Show #SubjectHosts / GuestsDateSizeLength
365New BeginningsLarry and Ty4/28/202480 M60 Min.
364Perfect people can throw stonesLarry and Ty4/21/202480 M60 Min.
363Would adding Jesus to your favorite movies make them better?Larry and Ty4/14/202480 M60 Min.
362Change of PlansLarry and Ty4/7/202480 M60 Min.
361Common Sense
Larry, Ty and Dread3/31
80 M60 Min.
360What would Mr. Rogers do?Larry, Ty and (later) Dread Pyrate17-Mar-2480 M60 min.
359What is Woke?Larry, Ty and RyvyrSong10-Mar-2480 M60 min.
358God - Jesus' dad or step-dad? And other topicsLarry, Ty and RyvyrSong25-Feb-2480 M60 min.
357Listener CommentsLarry, Ty and Dread Pyrate18-Feb-2480 M60 min.
356The Inconvenient NewsLarry, Ty and Dread Pyrate11-Feb-2480 M60 min.
355Hey! Pack it in already!Larry, Ty and Dread Pyrate04-Feb-2480 M60 min.
354The Moral of the StoryLarry and Ty28-Jan-2484 M60 min.
353Snowflakes (the literal kind)Larry and Ty21-Jan-2484 M60 min.
352Growing-Pains, Asexuality and FossilsLarry, Ty, Dread and Keith Semple14-Jan-2483M60 min.
351Turn it off and turn it back on againLarry, Ty, Boudreaux and John Richards7-Jan-2484 M60 min.
350 Why don't we honor religious claims in court?Larry, Ty, Dread and John Richards31-Dec-2385 M60 min.
349Narcisism, Get off my farm!Larry and Ty 17-Dec-2385 M60 min.
348Special Pleading & LegaciesLarry, Ty and Dread Pyrate Higgs10-Dec-2385 M60 min.
347Input-Output & Who are you and whyLarry, Ty and Dread Pyrate Higgs03-Dec-2384 M60 min.
346Yesus or Jesus? (Also, the soul).Larry, and Ty 26-Nov-2387 M60 min.
345The senses, the brain and the afterlifeLarry, Ty and Guest Keith Semple Page19-Nov-2387 M60 min.
344The inerrant word of god (revised edition)Larry, Ty and Guests05-Nov-2383 M60 min.
343Would a god detector justify belief?"Larry and Ty 29-Oct-2385 M60 min.
342If you don't believe in the afterlife, then....Larry, Ty and special guest Keith Semple Page22-Oct-2380 M60 min.
341We need a designated god-free zoneLarry, Ty and Guests15-Oct-2387 M60 min.
3405 Arguments for Atheism, and others.mp3Larry, Ty and Guests08-Oct-2387 M60 min.
339Gods leadership skills, or the lack thereof.mp3Larry, Ty and Guests01-Oct-2387 M60 min.
338Responsibility vs Leaving it all up to godLarry, Ty and Guests24-Sept-2387 M60 min.
337Unity, genders and people as ornamentsLarry, Ty and Guests17-Sept-2388 M60 min.
336CredibilityLarry, Ty and Guests10-Sept-2388 M60 min.
335Meeting of the MindsLarry, Ty and Guests20-Aug-2383 M60 min.
334What's the end-game for atheists?Larry, Ty and Guests13-Aug-2383 M60 min.
333Dogmatic thinking and Trans sports IILarry, Ty and Guests30-July-2384 M60 min.
Dogmatic thinking and trans sportsLarry, Ty and Guests24-July-2384 M60 min.
331Are humans just entertainment for heaven?Larry, Ty and Guests09-July-2384 M60 min.
330God is the worst pet owner ever!Larry, Ty and Guests02-July-2384 M60 min.
329What don't we argue religious claims in court?Tyrone Wells and Guests25-Jun-2384M60 min.
328The Concord (or Sunk Costs) FallacyTyrone Wells and Guests18-Jun-2384M60 min.
327The Biblical DietLarry, Ty and Guests11-June-2383M60 min.
326All that 'Big Atheism' money!Larry, Ty and Guests04-June-2385M60 Min
325The Gamification of GodTy and Dread Pyrate
(I was on Vacation)
28-May-2385M60 Min
Atheist consistency vs religious hypocrisyLarry, Ty and Guests07-May-2386M60 Min
You might be an atheist if...Larry, Ty and Guests30-Apr-2385M60 Min
322Delayed GratificationLarry, Ty and Guests23-Apr-2387M60 Min.
321Learning what is good about you (Also Santa Claus)Larry, Ty and Guests16-Apr-2387M60 Min.
320Creating a religion also A.I.s with emotionsLarry, Ty and Guests02- Apr-2384M60 Min.
319Why are atheists so angryLarry, Ty and Guests19-Mar-2381M60 Min.
318CharitiesLarry, Ty and Guests12-Mar-2381M60 Min.
317What's an afterlife anyway?Larry, Ty and Guests05-Mar-2381M60 Min.
Are we heading towards an A.I. god?Larry, Ty and Guests26-Feb-2390M60 Min.
315Do A.I.s have souls?Larry, Ty and Guests19-Feb-2370M60 Min.
314Superbowl, ChatGPT questionsLarry, Ty and Guests12-Feb-2370M60 Min.
313Artificial Intelligence asks atheists the hard questionsLarry, Ty and Guests05-Feb-2370 M60 Min.
312Cognitive Dissonance, A.I. and Listener commentsLarry, Ty and Guests29-Jan-2369 M60 Min.
311Why doesn't god just destroy Satan and other topicsLarry, Ty and Guests22-Jan-2369 M60 Min.
310EudaimoniaLarry, Ty and Guests15-Jan-2369 M60 Min.
309Religious-based injustice at the DMVLarry, Ty and Guests08-Jan-2368 M60 Min.
308TN License plates and One change to the BibleLarry, Ty and Guests01-Jan-2367 M60 Min.
307Inverting the ProblemLarry, Ty and Guests18-Dec-2268 M60 Min.
306Good people go to hellLarry, Ty and Guests11-Dec-2267M60 Min.
305Mailbag: Listener questions and commentsLarry, Ty and Guests04-Dec-2267M60 Min.
304Can we CHOOSE to believe?Larry, Ty and Guests27-Nov-2269M60 Min.
303I was born an atheist and you were too.Larry, Ty and Guests20-Nov-2262M60 min.
302God and Jesus have "verified" Twitter accounts.Larry, Ty and Guests13-Nov-2266M60 min.
301Perceptions and PrayersLarry, Ty and Guests06-Nov-2268M60 min.
300Listener Comment plus hate mailLarry, Ty and Guests30-Oct-2268M60 Min.
299"Scientism" and listener commentsLarry, Ty and Guests23-Oct-2270M60 Min.
298Faith Healing and Listener CommentsLarry, Ty and Guests16-Oct-2268M60 Min.
297Intelligent Design DiscussionLarry, Ty and Guests09-Oct-2268M60 Min.
296Faith in FilmTy and Guests02-Oct-2268M60 Min.
295Women's rights and the far rightLarry and Guests25-Sept-2272M60 Min.
294Listener Comments and various topicsLarry, Ty and Guests18-Sept-2267M60 Min.
293Darwin AwardsLarry, Ty and Guests11-Sept-2269M60 Min.
292Let's talk about sex!Larry, Ty and Guests04-Sept-2270M60 Min.
291Virtue signaling, morality and omni-stuff.Larry, Ty and Guests28- August-2270M60 Min.
290Viewer questions and commentsLarry, Ty and Guests21- August-2269M60 Min.
289Your right to education - OpenStaxLarry, Ty and Guests14- August-2269M60 Min.
288Shunning ShowLarry, Ty and Guests07- August-2274M60 Min.
287UFOs, Loch Ness and Bigfoot. Oh, my!Larry, Ty and Guests31- July-2271M60 Min.
286The devils in the details and Jesus UnitsLarry, Ty and Guests24- July-2269M60 Min.
285Evidence vs Narrative, and the Movies.Larry, Ty and Guests17- July-2269M60 Min.
284Is ignorance really bliss?Larry, Ty and Guests10- July-2269M60 Min.
283The abortion decision and why we like bad news.Larry, Ty and Guests03-July-2269M60 Min.
282If Christian claims were actually true (Fathers Day show)Larry, Ty and Guests19-June-2269M60 Min.
281Should holy books have warning labels?Larry, Ty and Guests12-June-2265M60 Min.
280Just because we're atheists doesn't mean (Fill in the blank)Larry, Ty and Guests05-June-2270M60 Min.
279Values, Fears and listener commentsLarry, Ty and Guests29-May-2270M60 Min.
278 Should atheists have a pope?Larry, Ty and Guests22-May-2270M60 Min.
277Should we put god on the ballot?Larry, Ty and Guests15-May-2270M60 Min.
276What would our universe be like if karma was real?Larry, Ty and Guests08-May-2270M60 Min.
275Why are there no pandas in the bible?Larry, Ty and Guests01-May-2269M60 Min.
274God's Performance ReviewLarry, Ty and Guests24-Apr-2269M60 Min.
273 Narcissism and self-imageLarry, Ty and Guests10-Apr-2271M60 Min.
272How can atheists gain R-E-S-P-E-C-T?Larry, Ty and Guests03-Apr-2271M60 Min.
271Are atheists better Christians than Christians?Larry, Ty and Guests27-Mar-2272M60 Min.
270Nobody likes dictatorsLarry, Ty and Guests20-Mar-2270M60 Min.
269Mysticism and listener commentsLarry, Ty and Guests13-Mar-2270M60 Min.
268What if god said "Please?" (1/2 half Ukraine)Larry, Ty and Guests06-Mar-2270M60 Min.
267Did god create atheists?Larry, Ty and Guests27-Feb-2273M60 Min
266Isn't church just an adult daycare?Larry, Ty and Guests20-Feb-2269M60 Min.
265Should we become Christians? Why? Why not?Larry, Ty and Guests13-Feb-2269M60 Min.
264Religious and dogmatic dietary restrictionsLarry, Ty and Guests06-Feb-2269M60 Min
263Is religious indoctrination of children child-abuse?Larry, Ty and Guests30-Jan-2269M60 Min.
262Debunking BBC Radio 4's Thought of the dayLarry, Ty and Guests23-Jan-2269M60 Min.
261Is atheism boring?Larry, Ty and Guests16-Jan-2270M60 Min.
260I guess you just didn't believe hard enough!Larry, Ty and Guests09-Jan-2269M60 Min.
259Not MY problem!Larry, Ty and Guests02-Jan-2269M60 Min.
258Teach me right the FIRST TIME!Larry, Ty and Guests26-Dec-2169M60 Min.
257Christmas Story InsanityLarry, Ty and Guests19-Dec-2169M60 Min.
256GeneralizationsLarry, Ty and Guests12-Dec-2166M60 Min.
255Prophecies, predictions (or guesses)?Larry, Ty and Guests05-Dec-2170M60 Min.
254Wrinkles in Paradise and Physics TheoryLarry, Ty and Guests28-Nov-2170M60 Min.
253Atheism is a birthright!Larry, Ty and Guests21-Nov-2171M60 Min.
252The Anthropic Principle and Church AdvertisingLarry, Ty and Guests14-Nov-2169M60 Min.
251If the universe is so fine tuned for us, why do we have to wear underwear?Larry, Ty and Guests07-Nov-2162M60 Min.
250A.I. PreachersLarry, Ty and Guests31-Oct-2169M60 Min.
249Physics of UnrealityLarry, Ty and Guests24-Oct-2165M60 Min.
248Paranoia and how religion reinforces itLarry, Ty and Guests17-Oct-2169M60 Min.
247The tactics of NarcissistsLarry, Ty and Guests10-Oct-2169M60 Min.
246Cherry PickingLarry, Ty and Guests03-Oct-2170M60 Min.
245NarcissismLarry, Ty and Guests26-Sep-2156M60 Min.
244Should there be religious exemptions to the vaccine?Larry, Ty and Guests19-Sep-2170M60 Min.
243God doesn't even meet the moral standards of the 10 CommandmentsLarry, Ty and Guests12-Sep-2170M60 Min.
242Good ideas from bad peopleLarry, Ty and Guests05-Sep-2170M60 Min.
241Atheists talk about religious musicLarry, Ty and Guests29-Aug-2168M60 Min.
240Starting an atheist group in your area.Larry, Ty and Guests22-Aug-2165M60 Min.
239Monotheism and Totalitarianism.Larry, Ty and Guests15-Aug-2170M60 Min.
238Atheist issues with Rakshith SridharanLarry, Ty and Guests08-Aug-21 62M60 Min.
237Special guest Swedish Steve - also aggrandizing deathLarry, Ty and Guests01-Aug-2165M60 Min.
236Listener comments and various topicsLarry, Ty and Guests25-July-2168M60 Min.
235Double standards: Annoying and DangerousLarry, Ty and Guests18-July-2170M60 Min
234Special guest believer - Isaiah DeiselLarry, Ty and Guests11-July-2171M60 Min
233Is there free-will in heaven?Larry, Ty and Guests04-July-2169M60 Min.
232God speaks to you? Really?Larry, Ty and Guests27-Jun-2171M60 Min.
231Do religions cause more harm than good?Larry, Ty and Guests20-Jun-2170M60 Min.
230Why worship?Larry, Ty and Guests13-Jun-2170M60 Min.
229Turning the other cheekLarry, Ty and Guests06-Jun-2170M60 Min.
228 How to talk to atheistsLarry, Ty and Guests30-May-2167M60 Min.
227Who are atheists accountable to, if not god?Larry, Ty and Guests02-May-2169M60 Min.
226Religious Hypocrisy and IronyLarry, Ty and Guests02-May-2169M60 Min.
225Fine Tuning and the Anthropic PrincipleLarry, Ty and Guests25-Apr-2171M60 Min.
224Mind/Body Dualism, ContinuedLarry, Ty and Guests18-Apr-2171M60 Min.
223Mind/Body DualismLarry, Ty and Guests11-Apr-2171M60 Min.
222A.I. or The ghost in the machineLarry, Ty and Guests04-Apr-2168M60 Min.
221Atheists discuss the idea of KarmaLarry, Ty and Guests28-Mar-2168M60 Min.
220When believers feel they can share their religion with you.Larry, Ty and Guests21-Mar-2165 M60 Min.
219What can you do that is more impressive than god?Larry, Ty and Guests14-Mar-2163 M60 Min.
218Deism: What exactly is it?Larry, Ty and Guests07-Mar-2171 M60 Min.
217The wonders of ScienceLarry, Ty and Guests28-Feb-2169 M60 Min.
216Do your actions match your beliefs?Larry, Ty and Guests21-Feb-2167 M60 Min.
215The universe is trying to kill us!Larry, Ty and Guests14-Feb-2166 M60 Min.
214Vaccine MythsLarry, Ty and Guests07-Feb-2170 M60 Min.
213Religious Cultural HijackingLarry, Ty and Guests31-Jan-2170 M60 Min.
212Christian Apologist Elmo Ado Jr joins usLarry, Ty and Guests24-Jan-2171 M60 Min.
211Free Speech!Larry, Ty and Guests17-Jan-2169 M60 Min.
210Gaslighting AmericaLarry, Ty and Guests10-Jan-2168 M60 Min.
209How do you plan to improve yourself next year?Larry, Ty and Guests03-Jan-2165 M60 Min.
208The war on Christmas 2020Larry, Ty and Guests20-Dec-2068 M60 Min.
207Can logical arguments actually prove anything?Larry, Ty and Guests13-Dec-2070 M60 Min.
206Interviewing John Richards of Atheist Alliance InternationalLarry, Ty and Guests06-Dec-2067 M60 Min.
205What's with the fig tree, Jesus?Larry, Ty and Guests29-Nov-2067 M60 Min.
204What is Spiritual Healing?Larry, Ty and Guests22-Nov-2067 M60 Min.
203Well what DO atheists believe?Larry, Ty and Guests11-Nov-2069 M60 Min.
202What's the deal with Dis-Information?"Larry, Ty and Guests08-Nov-2067 M60 Min.
201How do you know if you're wrong?Larry, Ty and Guests01-Nov-2072 M60 Min.
200Scrupulosity - Religious OCDLarry, Ty and Guests25-Oct-2072 M60 Min.
199You CAN disprove gods if they are logically inconsistentLarry, Ty and Guests18-Oct-2072 M60 Min.
198Near Death Experiences - Ghosts and soulsLarry, Ty and Guests11-Oct-2067 M60 Min.
197"I don't need evidence to believe in God!"Larry, Ty and Guests04-Oct-2067 M60 Min.
196After Atheism or "What does atheism offer?"Larry, Ty and Guests27-Sep-2065 M60 Min.
195Larry's book and listener questionsLarry, Ty and Guests20-Sep-2065 M60 Min.
194What are Dreams?Larry, Ty and Guests13-Sep-2065 M60 Min.
193There's an atheist in my foxhole!Larry, Ty and Guests06-Sep-2066 M60 Min.
192Why is life important?Larry, Ty and Guests30-Aug-2065 M60 Min.
191Atheists talk about death, but in a good way.Larry, Ty and Guests23-Aug-2053 M60 Min.
190Which would change after a social collapse and rebuild - Science or Religion?Larry, Ty and Guests16-Aug-2058 M60 Min
189Do Christians really believe what they say they do?Larry, Ty and Guests09-Aug-2066 M60 Min.
188Common Questions from theistsLarry, Ty and Guests02-Aug-2062 M60 Min
187Is Fate, or Destiny, real?Larry, Ty and Guests26-Jul-2063 M60 Min
186What is Intelligence, exactly?Larry, Ty and Guests19-Jul-2061 M60 Min
185Street Epistemology and Listener QuestionsLarry, Ty and Guests12-Jul-2060 M60 Min
184Should critical thinking be taught in schoolsLarry, Ty and Guests05-Jul-2062 M60 Min
183Using Labels in ConversationsLarry, Ty and Guests28-Jun-2055 M60 Min
182Do we actually have Free Will?Larry, Ty and Guests21-Jun-2062 M60 Min
181Do / Can atheists ever use faith?Larry, Ty and Guests14-Jun-2057M60 min.
180Conversation with a believer and Christian PrivilegeLarry, Ty and Guests07-Jun-2062M60 min
179SpaceX Launch and Stream of Consciousness DiscussionsLarry, Ty and Guests31-May-2063M60 min.
178Can religion be a healthy outlet for people who value science?Larry, Ty and Guests24-May-2062M60 min.
177Everyday Purpose and PhilosophyLarry, Ty and Guests17-May-2053M60 min.
176Dealing with alternative-factsLarry, Ty and Guests10-May-2062M60 min
175Why can't atheists just keep it to themselvesLarry, Ty and Guests03-May-2061M60 min
174Anthropomorphism - How we project human traits on natureLarry, Ty and Guests26-Apr-2086M60 min.
173What do you mean prayers work now?Larry, Ty and Guests19-Apr-2050M60 min.
172Debunking Corona Virus Conspiracy Theories pt 2Larry, Ty and Guests12-Apr-2050M60 min.
171Debunking Corona Virus Conspiracy TheoriesLarry, Ty and Guests05-Apr-2050M60 min.
170Questions from ListenersLarry, Ty and Guests29-Mar-2050M60 min.
169Cabin Fever!Larry, Ty and Guests22-Mar-2050M60 min
168Corona Virus Round-table discussionLarry, Ty and Guests15-Mar-2050M60 min
167Blood and Ground (plus QandA)Larry, Ty and Guests08-Mar-2050M60 min.
166Atheists' relationships with theistsLarry and Guests01-Mar-2078M60 min.
165More deconversion storiesLarry, Ty and Guests23-Feb-2050M60 min.
164Atheists in FoxholesLarry, Ty and Guests16-Feb-2050M60 min.
163Chads Deconversion and general atheist gripesLarry, Ty and Guests9-Feb-2052M60 min.
162Does the Patriarchy of the Bible still affect us today?Larry, Ty and Guests2-Feb-2052M60 min.
161Institutional Religious PrivilegeLarry, Ty and Guests26-Jan-2050M60 min.
160Discussion on Artificial IntelligenceLarry, Ty and Guests19-Jan-2057M60 min.
159Pseudo Science and General WeirdnessLarry, Ty and Guests6-Jan-2055M60 min.
158Flipping the Script on SE and Lying to your ChildrenLarry, Ty and Boudreaux15-Dec-1957M60 min..
157Movies atheists wish Christians would seeLarry Ty Boudreaux and Spaghetti Eddie08-Dec-1965M60 min.
156Post Thanksgiving and Misc Christian questionsLarry, Ty, and Boudreaux 01-Dec-1964M60 min.
155Misc questions from The Reddit Part 1Larry, Ty, and Boudreaux 24-Nov-1958M60 min.
154Ex-Muslim Interview and Recovering from ReligionLarry, Ty, Pryo-Man and Malik17-Nov-1941M60 min.
153Answering to a higher powerLarry, Ty and Carl10-Nov-1950M60 min.
152Thought Experiments in SELarry, Ty, Spaghetti Eddie and Shoe Pebbler03-Nov-1950M60 min.
151Atheism and SE in FranceLarry, Ty, Bob and the Dread Pyrate20-Oct-1953M60 min.
150Deconversion is like purchasing a bidetLarry, Ty, Fanny and the Dread Pyrate08-Oct-1956M60 min.
149SE and KY Freethought ConventionLarry, Ty and Fanny29-Sept-1947 M60 min
148We interview atheist comedian Carl MerrittLarry, Ty, Carl and Fanny15-Sept-1946 M60 min
147Philosophy of BeliefLarry, Ty and Guest HumanApe25-Aug-1956 M60 min
146A Stoic ChristianLarry, Ty and Guest BabySeal11-Aug-1960 M60 min
145Garden of Eden, Pascal's Wager & Teaching the Bible in Public SchoolsLarry & Ty04-Aug-1960M60 min.
144The Trauma of Leaving ReligionLarry, Ty and Fanny28-Jul-1950M60 min.
143An Atheist's ExperiencesLarry, Ty and Fanny21-Jul-1950M60 min.
142We examine Soul claimsLarry, Ty and Gwen30-Jun-1950M60 min.
141The Knoxville Gay Pride ParadeLarry and Ty 23-Jun-1950M60 min.
140Interview with a Satanist pt 2 - Human ValueLarry, Ty and guest Duane05-Jun-1960M60 min.
139Interview with a SatanistTy17-May-1960M60 min.
138Using Analogies in Street EpistimologyLarry & Ty12-May-1930M60 min.
137"Ask an Atheist" table chatsLarry & Ty04-May-1930M60 min.
136Should we really call religion a mental illnessLarry, Ty with Guest Linda Mokko24-Apr-1929M59 mins
135Getting at TRUTH through conversationLarry, Ty with Guest Kareote17-Apr-1927M59 mins
134The Founding Myth: Christian NationalismLarry and Carl03-Apr-1933M59 mins
133Our trip to Nashville & NaNoCon 2019Larry and Ty27-Mar-1938M56 mins
132Atheist Songs ShowLarry and Ty20-Mar-1942M54 mins
131Wombat chats with a believer about his belief methodologyLarry and Ty27-Feb-1949M60 mins
130Misconceptions of AtheismLarry and Ty with Jinx and Doubtfire20-Feb-1948M60 mins
129The Soul - Is it real?Larry, Ty and Dale N.13-Feb-1949M60 mins
128What is Sunday AssemblyLarry, Ty and Adrienne06-Feb-1947M60 mins
127Doubt vs FaithLarry, Ty, Eric and Austin30-Jan-1948M60 mins
126Thomas Bear InterviewLarry, Thomas Bear & Ty23-Jan-1946M58 mins
125Humans are Awful!Larry & Eric02-Jan-1946M60 mins
124Where do you draw the line?Larry & Ty19-Dec-1845M60 mins
123Modern Progressive Christians vs FundmentalismLarry and Thomas12-Dec-1840M60 mins
122How Christmas DevelopedLarry, Ty and Eric05-Dec-1820M60 mins
121Is Prayer Pointless?Larry, Ty and Eric28-Nov-1820M60 mins
120The Atheists-Obituary ArticleLarry, Ty and Guests21-Nov-1820M60 mins
119Why we all need SkepticismLarry & Eric14-Nov-1820M60 mins
118Original SinLarry & Thomas Payne07-Nov-1820M60 mins
117Street Conversation's we've hadLarry, Ty and Ryvyr24-Oct-18 20M60 mins.
116Truth Seeker: Leaving Mormonism and getting into SELatry & TY talk to Truth Seeker17-Oct- 1820M60 mins
115Discussion about the SoulLarry, Ty, Tom and caller Scott10-Oct-1820M60 mins
114Slippery Slopes and Critical ThinkingLarry Rhodes & Ryvyr Mutsu03-Oct-1820M60 min.
113Do atheists have an agenda using Street Epistimology?Larry, TY and Shoe-pebbler26-Sep-1820M60 min.
112If Spectral Evidence was still accepted in courts today.Larry & Ty19-Sep-1820M60 min.
111Genesis - The Ten CommandmentsLarry, Ty and Thomas Payne12-Sep-1821M60 Min.
110Atheist vs Christian - Appearances matterLarry & Ty05-Sep-1822M60 Min.
109Dustin talks about ASKLarry & Dustin22-Aug-1820 M 60 min.
108Male Role Models in the U.S.Larry Ty & Peggy15-Aug-1820 M60 min.
107Debating Presuppositionalists with RaulLarry Ty & Raul08-Aug-1881 M60 min.
106Dan's new Street Epistemology Show in AustinLarry Ty & Dan25-July-1820 M60 min.
105Certainty is a red herringLarry & Ty18-July-1820 M60 min.
104More on Street EpistemologyLarry Ty & Gannon11-July-1820 M60 min.
103Quiet Company MusicLarry & Ty04-July-1820 M60 min.
102Heather Davis Interviews Larry Rhodes on her radio show.Heather & Larry02-Jun-1820 M60 min.
101How to defuse an argumentLarry & Ty20-Jun-1820 M60 min.
100Responding to "I'll Pray for you" from ChristiansLarry & Ty13-Jun-1820 M60 min.
99We need Testable and Falsifiable Claims!Larry & Ty06-Jun-1820 M60 min.
98Ways to talk to ChristiansLarry & Ty30-May-1820 M60 min.
97Why should we trust the Bible?Larry & Ty23-May-1820 M60 min.
96Shifting the Burden of ProofLarry & Ty16-May-1820 M60 min.
95Don't get caught up in the details!Larry & Ty09-May-1820 M60 min.
94Coming Out Atheist - RevisitedLarry & Ty02-May-1820 M 60 min.
93Positive Atheism - Secular CharitiesLarry & Ty18-Apr-1820 M60 min.
92Street Epistimology - BradyLarry & TY11-Apr -1820 M60 min
91Angry Atheists ShowLarry, TY and Josh28-Mar-1820 M60 min.
90Larry's 92.3 FM InterviewLarry & Joshua9-Mar-1820 M60 min.
89Atheists don't care what you believe - we care whyLarry & Ty07-Mar-1820 M60 min.
88Atheists answer Christian questionsLarry & Ty28-Feb-1820 M60 min.
87Evolution vs Intelligent DesignLarry & Ty21-Feb-1820 M 60 min.
value of Science and Sex Education
Larry & Ty14-Feb-1820 M60 min.
85Give yourself credit!Larry & Ty07-Feb-1820 M60 min.
84God is apparently not a good pet owner.Larry & Ty31-Jan-1820 M60 min.
83Larry ranting about Faith and Evidence etc.Larry Rhodes10-Jan-1820 M60 min
82Atheists Celebrate the SolsticeLarry & Ty03-Jan-1820 M60 Min
81Stubbornness of BeliefLarry & Ty20-Dec-1720M60 min.
80Why Atheists care about what you beleve and Street EpistimonogyLarry & Ty06-Dec-1720M60 min.
79Thanksgiving Tips and Street Epistimonogy Sessions 2Larry, TY & Dale N 22-Nov-1720M60 min.
78Larry and Ty - Street Epistimonogy Sessions 1Larry & Ty15-Nov-1720M60 min.
77Larry and Ty - Street EpistimologyLarry & Ty08-Nov-1720M60 min.
76We talk about Julia Sweeney's show - Letting Go of God.Larry & Ty01-Nov-1720M60 min.
75Why do atheists care what you believe?Larry & Ty18-Oct-1720M60 min.
74The God TestLarry & Ty4-Oct-1720M60 min.
73Days of the Week GodsLarry & Ty27-Sept-1720M60 min.
72What are Apologetics? Larry & Ty20-Sep-1720M60 min.
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67God is not an Answer;
it's 1,000 more question.
Larry Ryver and Ty2-Aug-1713M60 min.
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Memories Reliable?
Larry, Ty and Ryv21-May-1713M60 min.
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59Why are you a ChristianLarry Rhodes and Ty Wells30-Apr-1717M60 min.
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52Atheists Among BelieversLarry Rhodes & Ty05-Mar-1721M60 min.
51Is Trump a Christian?"Larry Rhodes and Dale N.26-Feb-1725M55 min.
50Black and White ThinkingLarry, Ty and Ryv 19-Feb-1722M60 min.
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47Church State separation, Cost of Belief, and Faith, Larry Rhodes31-Jan-1721M60 Min.
46Misogyny in ReligionLarry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells29-Jan-1721M60 min.
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44Sympathy for the DevilLarry Rhodes & Ty Wells15-Jan-1722M60 Min.
43 Magical ThinkingLarry Rhodes & Ty Wells8-Jan-1721M60 min.
42 Religion's Long Slow DeclineLarry Rhodes & Within Reason01-Jan -1721M59 Min.
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38Open Letter to my Daughter, Coming out & God isn't LoveLarry Rhodes27-Nov-1621M 60 min.
37General Freethought DiscussionLarry, Kevin, Joy and Shawnee13-Nov-1621M 60 min.
36Pascal's WagerLarry, Ryver & Carl Ledendecker30-Oct-1621M 60 min.
35VictimhoodLarry, Ryver & Ty23-Oct-1621M 60 min.
34Christian ScienceLarry, Ryver & Ty16-Oct-1621M 60 min.
33Arguments for GodLarry, Ryver & Ty9-Oct-1621M 60 min.
32The Logical AbsolutesLarry, Ryver & Ty2-Oct-1621M 60 min.
31Right vs RationalLarry & Ty25-Sep-1621M 60 min.
30How to talk to ChristiansLarry & Kevin Scott18-Sep-1621M 60 min.
29RET Advance and Church & StateLarry and Shabootie11-Sep-1621M 60 min.
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20Jon Webster and I talk about my bookLarry and Jon Webster19-Jun-1667M 60 min.
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