Atheism-Related Video Links

Most of these are from

Digital Freethought Answers to Religious Questions
Download the whole 35 min. video Here (144 Megs)

Part 1: 6 Mins.

& Part 2: 8 Mins

& Part 3: 6 Mins.

& Part 4: 7 Mins.

& Part 5: 5 Mins.

& Part 6: 5 Mins.

Pascal's Wager - 10 Mins

Richard Dawkins "The Blind Watchmaker" video is available on in these two sections:

Part 1:
Part 2:

"Richard Dawkins reading from his book in Virginia 2006
"Proving that nobody can get into heaven.."
What kind of people are Atheists?
Bill Maher On Oppressed Christians
Where Is The Sacrifice?

Where Is The Sacrifice? II
Roy teaches a satirical lesson in cosmology. Performed at the Skeptics Society conference.

Learn how cults recruit members
"A Brief Anthology of Freethought" by Quill
Here is Ed Brayton giving a very encompasing talk on the 2005 Dover, PA anti-evolution trial.
Check out Pat Condell's Videos on YouTube. Starting with this one; his hilarious response to the Rational Response Squad's Blasphemy Challenge.