Questions for Christians
1. What, exactly, is your basis for believing that the Bible is True, not necessarily the word of god, but true? Isn't it just because your parents told you that it was true? And that most of the people you know think that it is true? Really, think about it, what real basis do you have to believe it?

2. If the fruit of the Tree-of-Knowledge contains the knowledge of Good/Evil and Right/Wrong, then how could Eve have known it was "wrong" to eat the fruit?  She couldnít have known what Right and Wrong was before she ate it? And if God had explained to Adam and Eve what right and wrong was before they ate of the fruit, then wouldn't He have essentially given them the Knowledge that he had just forbidden them to have?   Remember; THIS is the basis for all of Christianity: The Original Sin.

3. How can an All-Loving God send ANYONE to hell?  Remember, He is supposed to love us more than any parent ever loved their child.  And He isn't using Hell as an instructional-punishment like a Parent would.  A parent punishes a child in order to teach them.  God punishes sinners just for the sake of pain/suffering.  There is no lesson to be learned and benefitted from.

Also, which is worse, killing 6,000,000 people (like Hitler) or keeping alive hundreds of millions of people just to torture them for eternity?  (Some simply for not believing in Him.)  According to Christianity, all of the Jews that Hitler tortured and killed, were then promptly sent to Hell for not believing that Christ was the Savior. (And, according to the Bible, these are God's Chosen People.)

4. If God is All Loving, how could He allow Children to get cancer?  Heck ANYONE on earth would have more love and compassion for children than your God. I can't imagine a single human that would intentionally give cancer to a child, or ALLOW them to get cancer if they could prevent it.

Also, in a court of law, if you know about a crime that is about to be committed, and don't try to prevent it, then you're an accessory to that crime. That would mean that God, and Jesus, who know everything that is about to happen, are accessories to every child-murder, rape or kidnapping that happens anywhere on the planet.

5. Why did an All-Loving God create Evil?  (Isaah Chapter 45:7)

6. How could God make the eating of shellfish and ham, or a woman dressing like a man, Abominations? Not just dangerous, but abominations? That puts them right up there with homosexuality.

7. How could an All-Loving God tell his chosen people to kill babies, and children?  (Hosea 13:16, Sash 13:15-18, etc.)

8. If I only have to have Faith?  Doesn't that make all other religions true too?  All religions say that...

9. How could Satan think that he could have a revolt against someone who is All-Knowing and All-Powerful. How could there even BE a war in Heaven, when God would know about it before hand, and could just snap His fingers and wipe out all opposition?

10. Why did God send Moses to Egypt to free the Jews, and then "harden Pharaoh's heart" (Exodus 7:3) so that he would not let the Jews leave, thereby making it necessary to loose his 10 plagues on Egypt? Doesn't that pretty much negate Pharoah's free-will in the matter?

11. Why did God want to kill Moses right after sending him on the mission to free the Jews from Egypt? (Exodus 4:24-26) ANd THEN why did a fore-skin-ectomty by Moses Wife stop him?

12. Whatís with Godís obsession with foreskins?

13. Why would God condemn his own son to torment and death at the hands of the people that He was planning to forgive anyway? Why not just forgive them?

14. If God is constantly curing illnesses through prayer, and faith-healers, why canít He re-grow and arm, or a leg?  Youíve never see that happen.  The cures that we are told DO happen are always internal, and therefore unverifiable. Visit: Why won't god heal amputees?

15. Why does God let Catholic priests victimize our children?

16. Why does God let TV Evangelists take money, in His name, from the old and infirm?

17. If God says we should forgive and love our enemies, why would He send US to hell... forever?

18. If God is everywhere, then where the heck was He when the Serpent was tempting Eve?

19. Why did God put the Tree-of-Knowledge IN the Garden of Eden in the first place? Especially if He knew what was going to happen?

20. If Christians are Forgiven, and they know they will be forgiven no matter what they do, why should they refrain from doing evil?  Atheists donít have that expectation for forgiveness, and they donít go around killing and stealing.  They know they have to live with the consequences of their actions, in the real world. And itís the only world theyíre going to get.

21. How can God blame us for our imperfections when He made us that way?   How can God be surprised or angered by anything we do, He's supposedly all knowing?  And why does God get Angry, and demand vengeance for succumbing to the weaknesses that He put in us? This would mean He's not all loving.  AND that He has human emotions.

22. If God tells you to do something horrible, like he did with "Son of Sam" (or Abraham) would you do it? Or would you just say, "This isn't from GOD, God is good, and this is terrible!"

i.e. If you "receive" a thought that is theoretically from God.. Judge it for it's moral worth.. If it's not good, it's not from god. (Remember, to Theists, GOD is not the only supernatural being that has this telepathic ability) Doing this shows that OUR OWN Morals prevail over a "revelation" from a supposed deity. And if we judge the Bible by this criteria, it would be shown that major portions of the Bible have to be rejected as the word of God.

23. If this life is infinitesimally short, and the next one eternal, then why should we try to DO anything other than "praise the lord" while weíre here?  Why go to school or pursue a college education? Why do anything other than just study the Bible and wait?  Would you have us all be like the "Holy Men" of India, or Monks of the old world,   who do nothing but study scriptures?

If so, you might was well turn off your computer and TV. Park your car, and throw away your cell phone. Modern society would soon crumble into dust.  The entire world would revert back to Medieval times (or before).  Doctors would no longer have colleges to go to, physics research would stop, and all other training would end.