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Show #SubjectHosts / GuestsDateSizeLength
value of Science and Sex Education
Larry & Ty14-Feb-1820 M60 min.
85Give yourself credit!Larry & Ty07-Feb-1820 M60 min.
84God is apparently not a good pet owner.Larry & Ty31-Jan-1820 M60 min.
83Larry ranting about Faith and Evidence etc.Larry Rhodes10-Jan-1820 M60 min
82Atheists Celebrate the SolsticeLarry & Ty03-Jan-1820 M60 Min
81Stubbornness of BeliefLarry & Ty20-Dec-1720M60 min.
80Why Atheists care about what you beleve and Street EpistimonogyLarry & Ty06-Dec-1720M60 min.
79Thanksgiving Tips and Street Epistimonogy Sessions 2Larry, TY & Dale N 22-Nov-1720M60 min.
78Larry and Ty - Street Epistimonogy Sessions 1Larry & Ty15-Nov-1720M60 min.
77Larry and Ty - Street EpistimologyLarry & Ty08-Nov-1720M60 min.
76We talk about Julia Sweeney's show - Letting Go of God.Larry & Ty01-Nov-1720M60 min.
75Why do atheists care what you believe?Larry & Ty18-Oct-1720M60 min.
74The God TestLarry & Ty4-Oct-1720M60 min.
73Days of the Week GodsLarry & Ty27-Sept-1720M60 min.
72What are Apologetics? Larry & Ty20-Sep-1720M60 min.
71The Belief BubbleLarry & Ty13-Sep-1720M60 min.
70Atheism and AgnosticismLarry and Ty6-Sept-1721M60 min
69Guardian AngelsLarry and Ty30-Aug-1714M60 min.
68Science and the Total Eclipse of 8-21-2017Larry & Ty23-Aug-1721M60 min.
67God is not an Answer;
it's 1,000 more question.
Larry Ryver and Ty2-Aug-1713M60 min.
66The Dayton Tenn. UnveilingLarry, Ty and Rvy22-July-1713M60 min.
65Giving your life to JesusLarry and Ty15-July-1715M60 'min
64History of Life on Earth, etcLarry, Ty and Ryv28-Jun-1720M60 min.
63Pascals Wager ArgumentLarry & Ty31-May-1719 M60 min.
62How do YOU choose a religion?Larry & Ty24-May-179 M40 Min
Memories Reliable?
Larry, Ty and Ryv21-May-1713M60 min.
60What arguments to make with believersLarry, Ty, Ryv, Chris and Jenn14-May-1714MB60 min.
59Why are you a ChristianLarry Rhodes and Ty Wells30-Apr-1717M60 min.
58Religion is Magic!Larry Rhodes & Ty23-Apr-1722M60 min.
57Atheist EasterLarry Ty and Ryv16-Apr-1725M60 min.
56Ok, Theists, You Win!Larry & TY2 -Apr -1721M60 min.
55Things Theists and Atheists have in common.Larry, Ty and Ryv26-Mar-1722M60 min.
54Those arrogant atheistsLarry & Ty19-Mar-1722M60 min.
53What is the Supernatural?Larry, Ryv and Ty12-Mar-1721M60 min.
52Atheists Among BelieversLarry Rhodes & Ty05-Mar-1721M60 min.
51Is Trump a Christian?"Larry Rhodes and Dale N.26-Feb-1725M55 min.
50Black and White ThinkingLarry, Ty and Ryv 19-Feb-1722M60 min.
49Local ActivismLarry, Shawnee, Joy & Ty12-Feb -1721M60 min.
48Why do atheists care about what you believe?Larry, Ty and Ryv5-Jan-1721M60 min.
47Church State separation, Cost of Belief, and Faith, Larry Rhodes31-Jan-1521M60 Min.
46Misogyny in ReligionLarry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells29-Jan-1721M60 min.
45Re: Ryv's conversation with his preacher friend.Larry Rhodes & Ryver Mutsu22-Jan-1720M60 min.
44Sympathy for the DevilLarry Rhodes & Ty Wells15-Jan-1722M60 Min.
43 Magical ThinkingLarry Rhodes & Ty Wells8-Jan-1721M60 min.
42 Religion's Long Slow DeclineLarry Rhodes & Within Reason01-Jan -1721M59 Min.
41Interview with The Infidel GuyLarry Rhodes, Ryver & Reginald Finley (The Infidel Guy)18-Dec-1621M60 min
40Argument for Souls DebunkedLarry and Ryv11-Dec-1621M60 Min.
39Unassailable Truths about ReligionLarry Rhodes and Ty Wells4-Dec-1621M60 Min.
38Open Letter to my Daughter, Coming out & God isn't LoveLarry Rhodes27-Nov-1621M 60 min.
37General Freethought DiscussionLarry, Kevin, Joy and Shawnee13-Nov-1621M 60 min.
36Pascal's WagerLarry, Ryver & Carl Ledendecker30-Oct-1621M 60 min.
35VictimhoodLarry, Ryver & Ty23-Oct-1621M 60 min.
34Christian ScienceLarry, Ryver & Ty16-Oct-1621M 60 min.
33Arguments for GodLarry, Ryver & Ty9-Oct-1621M 60 min.
32The Logical AbsolutesLarry, Ryver & Ty2-Oct-1621M 60 min.
31Right vs RationalLarry & Ty25-Sep-1621M 60 min.
30How to talk to ChristiansLarry & Kevin Scott18-Sep-1621M 60 min.
29RET Advance and Church & StateLarry and Shabootie11-Sep-1621M 60 min.
28Freethought Discussion with DukeLarry , Ty and Duke21-Aug-1621M 60 min.
27The evolution of religionLarry and Tyrone Wells14-Aug-1621M 60 min.
26World without religionLarry, Ty and Kenny7-Aug-1621M 60 min.
25Don't hurt my feelingsLarry, Ty and Patrick31-Jul-1620M 60 min.
24Larry and Kenny FrenchLarry Rhodes and Kenny French24-Jul-1620M 60 min.
23Freethought DiscussionLarry Rhodes, Ty and Nerd Lass10-Jul-1621M 60 min.
22LabelsLarry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells3-Jul-1618M 60 min.
21General Freethought Discussion with SethLarry, Ty and Seth26-Jun-1621M 60 min.
20Jon Webster and I talk about my bookLarry and Jon Webster19-Jun-1667M 60 min.
19What is an atheist - Don't ask your preacherLarry Rhodes19-Jun-1651M 60 min.
18General Freethought Discussion with Ty 5Larry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells12-Jun-1620M 60 min.
17General Freethought Discussion with Ty 4Larry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells5-Jun-1620M 60 min.
16General Freethought Discussion with Ty 3Larry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells29-May-1620M 60 min.
15General Freethought Discussion with Ty 2Larry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells22-May-1620M 60 min.
14General Freethought Discussion with Ty 1Larry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells15-May-1620M 60 min.
13Dr. Shell interviewLarry, K. Scott and Dr. Shell8-May-1620M 60 min.
12The Argument from IgnoranceLarry Rhodes10-Apr-1620M 60 min.
11Ex preacher Kevin Scott InterviewLarry and Kevin Scott3-Apr-1620M 60 min.
10Lying to Maintain the Illusion of TruthLarry Rhodes21-Mar-1619M 60 min.
9Interviewing Jon Webster on his bookLarry and Jon Webster13-Mar-1695M 60 min.
8Jon Webster interviewLarry and Jon Webster6-Mar-1655M 60 min.
7The Tactic of Making Fun of ReligionLarry Rhodes21-Feb-1620M 60 min.
6Memories and Miracles showLarry Rhodes17-Feb-1623M 60 min.
5 Atheism 101 show Larry Rhodes14-Feb-1627M 60 min.
410 commandments Larry Rhodes7-Feb-1627M 60 min.
3What the bible could have said Larry Rhodes13-Jan-1628M 60 min.
2Kevin Scott interview Larry & Kevin Scott27-Dec-1527M 60 min.
1 My 1st DJ show that I recorded Larry Rhodes21-Aug-1581M 60 min.