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Show # Subject Hosts / Guests Date Size Length
41 Larry interviews the InfidelGuy Larry Rhodes, Ryver and IG 18-Dec-16 21M 60 min.
40 The Argument for Souls Debunked Larry Rhodes & Ryver 11-Dec-16 21M 60 min.
39 Unassailable Truths about Religion Larry Rhodes & Ty Wells 4-Dec-16 21M 60 min.
38 Open Letter to my Daughter, Coming out & God isn't Love Larry Rhodes 27-Nov-16 21M 60 min.
37 General Freethought Discussion Larry, Kevin, Joy and Shawnee 13-Nov-16 21M 60 min.
36 Pascal's Wager Larry, Ryver & Carl Ledendecker 30-Oct-16 21M 60 min.
35 Victimhood Larry, Ryver & Ty 23-Oct-16 21M 60 min.
34 Christian Science Larry, Ryver & Ty 16-Oct-16 21M 60 min.
33 Arguments for God Larry, Ryver & Ty 9-Oct-16 21M 60 min.
32 The Logical Absolutes Larry, Ryver & Ty 2-Oct-16 21M 60 min.
31 Right vs Rational Larry & Ty 25-Sep-16 21M 60 min.
30 How to talk to Christians Larry & Kevin Scott 18-Sep-16 21M 60 min.
29 RET Advance and Church & State Larry and Shabootie 11-Sep-16 21M 60 min.
28 Freethought Discussion with Duke Larry , Ty and Duke 21-Aug-16 21M 60 min.
27 The evolution of religion Larry and Tyrone Wells 14-Aug-16 21M 60 min.
26 World without religion Larry, Ty and Kenny 8-Aug-16 21M 60 min.
25 Don't hurt my feelings Larry, Ty and Patrick 7-Aug-16 20M 60 min.
24 Larry and Kenny French Larry Rhodes and Kenny French 24-Jul-16 20M 60 min.
23 Freethought Discussion Larry Rhodes, Ty and Nerd Lass 10-Jul-16 21M 60 min.
22 Labels Larry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells 4-Jul-16 18M 60 min.
21 General Freethought Discussion with Seth Larry, Ty and Seth 26-Jun-16 21M 60 min.
20 Jon Webster and I talk about my book Larry and Jon Webster 21-Jun-16 67M 60 min.
19 What is an atheist - Don't ask your preacher Larry Rhodes 21-Jun-16 51M 60 min.
18 General Freethought Discussion with Ty 5 Larry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells 19-Jun-16 20M 60 min.
17 General Freethought Discussion with Ty 4 Larry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells 12-Jun-16 20M 60 min.
16 General Freethought Discussion with Ty 3 Larry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells 29-May-16 20M 60 min.
15 General Freethought Discussion with Ty 2 Larry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells 22-May-16 20M 60 min.
14 General Freethought Discussion with Ty 1 Larry Rhodes and Tyrone Wells 15-May-16 20M 60 min.
13 Dr. Shell interview Larry, K. Scott and Dr. Shell 8-May-16 20M 60 min.
12 The Argument from Ignorance Larry Rhodes 10-Apr-16 20M 60 min.
11 Ex preacher Kevin Scott Interview Larry and Kevin Scott 3-Apr-16 20M 60 min.
10 Lying to Maintain the Illusion of Truth Larry Rhodes 21-Mar-16 19M 60 min.
9 Interviewing Jon Webster on his book Larry and Jon Webster 14-Mar-16 95M 60 min.
8 Jon Webster interview Larry and Jon Webster 14-Mar-16 55M 60 min.
7 The Tactic of Making Fun of Religion Larry Rhodes 21-Feb-16 20M 60 min.
6 Memories and Miracles show Larry Rhodes 17-Jan-16 23M 60 min.
5 Atheism 101 show Larry Rhodes 13-Jan-16 27M 60 min.
4 10 commandments Larry Rhodes 10-Jan-16 27M 60 min.
3 What the bible could have said Larry Rhodes 4-Jan-16 28M 60 min.
2 Kevin Scott interview Larry & Kevin Scott 27-Dec-15 27M 60 min.
1 My 1st DJ show Larry Rhodes 21-Aug-15 81M 60 min.